I did the Seamwork DYW planning and was ready to do Project 1 this weekend. I was going to cut out the two 2-piece dresses tonight, sew up the seams tomorrow, and do the finishing Sunday.

But two things happened. First, my weekend got filled up. I'm going to the Botanical Gardens with #1 daughter and the Baby in the morning, I hve  two-hour rehearsal tomorrow afternoon, I'm teaching Sunday School and teaching in worship Sunday morning and then singing in a concert Sunday afternoon, and #2 son is arriving Sunday evening.

That doesn't leave time to make two 2-piece dresses.

The other thing that happened was an email announcing two new patters from HotPatterns. The Bouvier Jacket, which I think I could make for the DYW Collection. That means Project 6, which I had regretfully 86ed, is back in play.

Here's the other pattern — the equivalent of Elle pants. I was going to make two knit skirts this weekend, with zippers and linings and underlinings… maybe a couple of Two-Hour skirts would work just as well.

I could move Project 1 out and go ahead with Project 2. I could make the tops this weekend and add the skirts when that pattern arrives.

Oh, yes, I ordered both the patterns. So much for thrift.