It’s midsummer, but the fall changes are on their way. We go back to choir on Wednesday. The Seamwork DYW Fall Collection begins next week. It’s just a couple of weeks to the Holiday Grand Plan.

I don’t do Back to School anymore, but it feels like that as family members go through it with their kids or their students. Vacations are over and we’re beginning to talk about the holidays. #2 daughter and #2 son will both be in town this month.

This weekend will have to be a determinedly low key knitting and novels weekend.

I swatched last night for #2 son’s vest. I went into the swatching with a good attitude, fully intending to make a large swatch on several needles.

I keep my needles in pencil pockets in a binder. Those with steel cables are more for historical interest than for use, but I like the 20th century plastic and aluminum ones, as well as the 21st century bamboo. I began with all my needles to choose from, and a gauge measurement tool as well.

Within just a couple of inches of work, it was clear that size 2 needles gave me a beautiful fabric at the right gauge. I pulled out my swatch and got started on the ribbing.

I’m using Capretta, a new-to-me yarn from KnitPicks. It’s 80% merino wool, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon.

Nylon? I’m used to seeing a bit of nylon in a sock yarn, and I think Capretta would make nice socks, but it’s a bit of a surprise. No matter. The touch of cashmere is enough to make the yarn super soft. Stitch definition is awesome, and it’s very well behaved. No splitting or tangling or any of that malarkey.

I think I should work on the Baby’s dress, though. If I can finish it fairly quickly, I’ll be able to focus on the argyle. I may finish up the ribbing first, though.