We had some chaos this morning at church. We were going to pack up disaster supply kits — and indeed we did it. But the organizers had the clever idea to make a scavenger hunt for the kids to find and bring us the materials, and that took much longer than expected.

Then there were far more people than needed. We had all been sitting around waiting for 20 minutes or so, and I have a low tolerance for that. Although it must be said that many tables were having lively conversations. Not the table where I was sitting, though. I tried hard to think of a suitable topic and fell back on the weather, but as soon as we had the option to get to work, I did.

But there were objects to put into a Zip-Lock bag, and then into another bag. The bags were at the two ends of the table. So we could start at one end, with Bag A, add all the items, and then put it into Bag B when it got there. But an organizer said, “No! Didn’t you watch the video?! You have to start on this end!” The end with Bag B.

We had not watched the video. But we could have started at the end with Bag B and then when it reached Bag A, we could take the items out and put them into Bag A and then put Bag A into Bag B. I went to get help on this question.

Once we sorted that out, we ran out of nail clippers. So we had half the bags with nail clippers and half without. I took the incomplete bags into the office and labeled them clearly. I didn’t know what else to do.

It was fun, and I had not known there was a Disaster Aid Center in our state, so that was kind of cool.

In the service, there was a clever element involving a special bookmark. We did some things with the book mark and were then supposed to keep it in order to build on the lesson for the next few weeks. No one in the choir had a bookmark. So I went and got some and passed them through the choir.

I don’t know whether it is officious and inappropriate to step in in this way, or helpful. I guess I try to do it in an unobtrusive manner.

But sometimes organization helps.


Speaking of which, it is planner re-order time.


Using the Happy Planner has actually been very good for me. I have cemented a lot of good habits since I began doing so just about a year ago, and I enjoy having little works of art for each day. The attention required by the DIY aspect keeps me on track and attentive. And, though I scoffed at the idea last year, it has definitely helped with the old work/life balance.


I still need my work planner, no question. For one thing, I can’t open up a decorated planner in a business meeting. For another, there is no room for notes in a decorated planner. Also, work.

Will I give planners to everyone again, on the assumption that they are also finding it a satisfying habit? Will I have three planners — adding in the Sewing Planner, perhaps, or refilling the Planner Love planner and using it for Examen or other intensive planning — or be sensible and stick with two?