Here’s last week’s planner spread, begun with optimism and a clear color scheme. Over the course of the week, it got crowded and chaotic and somewhat emotional, with a “Disapproving Ostrich” sticker on the day my husband and I had a quarrel about his continuing unemployment and his decision to rob our retirement funds to keep from having to take action and a cross sticker for me about finally getting a site ready to launch late on Friday afternoon. Does giving myself a mean sticker scolding actually help in any way? I went over on the Evil 6 and under on exercise, and I was out on most evenings so I didn’t keep up with my evening routine, either.


Here’s this week’s before the week began, chaotic already (though I haven’t lost my color scheme yet).

Today I have three appointments that require leaving the house. I plan to work hard on enjoying them. It’s a beautiful day out, so that should help.

But is it easier to keep a mind like water if there aren’t quite so many stickers on the pages, or a less chaotic mixture?