I planned a DYW wardrobe for warm weather, spent $100 on fabrics, and have made only a few pieces. I was planning to spend this holiday weekend sewing, getting the two-piece dress made and the jacket cut out.

Instead I have been making toys. And now I’m making clothes for toys. Granted, I spent as much on the materials for the toys as I did on the wardrobe plan.

August is the official time to plan the Fall collection, so I feel that any progress I make on the Spring 2018 collection must take place in July. On the other hand, I know that this is unrealistic.

I am no longer losing weight, and I have quite a nice wardrobe. So there is no real need for Spring and Fall Collections. I need additional jackets, but I’m not speaking anywhere this summer, so there’s no urgency.

Can I use any of this fabrics for fall? Fall 2019 colors are fruity — berry, melon, plum. I’ve used the coral and blue on the right hand side, and I could wear a coral skirt in the fall. The print? It probably has to be made and worn this summer. This month, even. Maybe today, maybe next week.

Charlotte can have one outfit. She has no important social events on her calendar.