Google tells me that chia seeds are a healthy grain with higher levels of protein, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids than wheat or corn. One of the big things chia seeds do is to absorb water, so they make a good thickener and can also be used as the basis for puddings. You can also bake with them.


In fact, one of the salient facts about chia seeds is that they are pretty much tasteless, so you can throw them into anything without getting much effect, other than a speckled look.

Accordingly, I threw them into my morning smoothie, used them with almond meal to bread my fish (totally doesn’t work as well as flour), and flung a tablespoon full into my squash casserole. You see the fish and squash above, with goji berries in the salad. A totally delicious lunch.

Then, for an equally delicious dinner, I baked some more fish in a sauce of lime juice, garlic, rice wine vinegar, and various spices, sprinkled with crumbled nori and chia seeds. This should have been served with rice, sweet potatoes, and black beans, but I was unaccountably out of black beans. I left out the goji berries because I thought pineapple would be a better fit.


Another salient fact about chia seeds is that one person swallowed some with water (didn’t want to take time to cook them in something, I guess) and they swelled up in his throat, requiring an unpleasant visit to the emergency room.

So don’t eat them on their own.