This gift arrived for me today. An anonymous box of chocolates.

I know this plot. I get all excited about high quality chocolate, wonder happily who might have sent it, get all excited about the gift, and pop one of those caramels into my mouth.

Whereupon I die of cyanide poisoning.

Since it came via Amazon, I decided to chance it. I ate a couple of chocolates and I am not yet dead.

I have however been listening to The Case against Sugar while doing tedious tasks on a website I’m building. So far it’s a fascinating social history of sugar from its early use and appearance in Europe through the 19th century, the creative 20th century days of creative sugar use, and on to the 21st century when sugar is present in almost everything.

I now know why there is controversy over the health effects of sugar, and the connection between sugar and drugs — which goes beyond metaphor.

I’ll still eat those chocolates, but the sugar may be worse in the long run than cyanide.