I went to a choral reading festival today. I left time to get lost and didn’t, so I stopped off at the Spring Street Grill for an orange roll and tea. I enjoyed that enormously, though it was composed entirely of the Evil 6.

It was a soft rainy day, with brave blooms standing out against the gray. Inside, we were cozy. There was a standing room only crowd, mostly older than me but with a few younger people.



They fed us fruit, which rounded out my breakfast, and then we read through a bunch of music, all new to me.

“Two Churches” by jazzman Dave Brubeck imagines a classically influenced church and a contemporary music church entertwined. It was funny and fun to sing but we didn’t really get the hang of it.

“Steal Away” is a traditional spiritual, and this arrangement is quite beautiful.

We had lunch then, and went back afterwards to polish up a half dozen of the pieces and present a little concert. The singers far outnumbered the audience, but we didn’t mind. It was a pleasure.

I was supposed to go see #1 son’s new dog and/or join #1 daughter in a shopping trip with her mother-in-law. However, it was beginning to snow when I left the church, so I went home instead, with all that lovely music in my head.