DSCN4266 I began the scarf you see at left in the handspun mohair from Colorado, but I didn’t like it. I really like the photo of the graceful older model, but this is not the right pattern for this scarf.

It just looks too inchoate. I have cast on yet again, and am making a simple scarf in the classic Shetland stitch, Old Shale. It is just four rows and only one of those rows has fancy stuff in it, but it makes a pretty rippled pattern suited to this oceanic color. I may be the only one who will ever know there is a proper lace stitch going on, but I will feel better about it.

Dax, at right, agrees, you can tell. Is he not cute in his sweater, sitting on the sofa? Our dogs are not allowed on the furniture, but our kids’ dogs get away with it all the time. I am aware of the humor in that. DSCN4269

Speaking of older people, some are predicting that the next presidential election will pit Christie against Clinton. A couple of New Jersey residents I spoke with were absolutely sure of it. They laughed at the thought of Mike Huckabee as a candidate.

TechNewsWorld doesn’t think either of these people would win, but tried to imagine how an artificial intelligence would see it.

In any case, over lunch we thought it would be an interesting race because it would be a fat guy against an older woman. Thus, one of two things would happen:

  • The entire campaign would be focused on inessentials like her hairdo and his diet.
  • The entire campaign would have to be on the issues, because neither candidate would be appealing to TV watching voters.

This could be good. Personally, I don’t think I could stand to listen to Paul Rand — excuse me, Rand Paul. Mitt? Rand? What’s wrong with these people? Anyway, I would far prefer to watch Rubio, Christie, or Huckabee. I think Clinton is for sure, but that will mean that we’ll get to listen to Bill, a better speaker than any of the above.