This is my favorite Santa Claus song, I think, because it is so sweet. It captures the child’s relationship with Santa, rather than the Coca-Cola Santa. Sure, it’s materialistic, but it is the innocent excitement of presents, not the “Santa Baby” greed. The child thinks of his or her siblings and leaves it to Santa to pick the best gift for him or her.

Jolly old St. Nicholas, Lean your ear this way!
Don’t you tell a single soul, What I’m going to say;
Christmas Eve is coming soon, Now, you dear old man,
Whisper what you’ll bring to me: Tell me if you can.

When the clock is striking twelve, When I’m fast asleep,
Down the chimney broad and black, With your pack you’ll creep.
All the stockings you will find Hanging in a row;
Mine will be the shortest one, You’ll be sure to know.

Johnny wants a pair of skates, Susie wants a sled
Nellie wants a picture book, yellow, blue and red

Now I think I`ll leave
to you
what to give the rest
Choose for me dear Santa Claus,
what you think is best.

Speaking of greed, Christmas time is sweets and treats time, and I am very susceptible.

Over the weekend I baked cookies — Santa’s Whiskers, three dozen for this week’s Celebration at the Manger and one roll of cookie dough left in the freezer to be baked fresh for our Christmas Eve buffet, plus the misshapen ones which I consumed — and ate strudel, croissants, and hot dogs.

Not only did I step on the scale this morning and see a rise of three pounds, but I also suffered from insomnia, indigestion, and a Sunday morning hangover feeling with no alcohol involved.

I can’t eat like that any more. Maybe I never could, but didn’t make the connection between the food and how I felt.

On the other hand, my “clean eating” habit box goes unchecked most days because I’ve had pasta or a brownie or a slice of quiche. I should probably be more strict on most days because there are so many days in December that include temptations, celebrations, or restaurant meals.

It’s easier for me to live on salad and lean protein now. I’m used to it, and I plan to be more strict in January so that I will continue to lose weight and stave off decrepitude. Right now, I’m doing reasonably well, but I would certainly like some mince pie.