We went to see the lights on the square. When the children were — well, when they were children, there were chaste white electric lights, a chilly walk around the square, and an occasional choir singing Christmas carols.

Now there are rainbows of colored lights, camels and pony rides, funnel cakes and cotton candy, and crowds of people.

It’s a completely different experience, and certainly less charming and picturesque, but it was still fun.

We had Chicken Tetrazinni and salad for dinner, played Civilization, and enjoyed ourselves and one another.

This morning, we took my husband to the airport and put him on the plane to visit his brother and the family in Fresno.

Today’s song is “Love Came Down at Christmas.” This song was recorded a few years ago by Jars of Clay. It’s a sweet song and makes a nice round.

The words were written by Christina Rosetti, a 19th century poet and the sister of one of the major painters in the PreRaphaelite school. I’m a fan of that school of painting, romantic and sumptuous as it was. Christina was a frequent model for the paintings of her brothers and the rest of the guys.

She may be best known, as far as literature goes, for “Goblin Market,” but I think most of us know “In the Bleak Midwinter” best among her poems.

Merry Christmas. Enjoy candlelight services and fun with your family.