I feel slightly hungover this morning, though I didn’t drink anything yesterday. Instead, I baked cookies with #1 daughter and the biggest of the Littles.

Here she is stirring dried parsley into rice. She helped mix up the cookies, but her mama figured she would be bored abdf frustrated by the whole rolling and cutting out bit, so she had her own little mixing job to do.

Then I came home and finished another Lucy hat. I still have to sew on the trims and wrap them. I also need to finish sewing trims on the little cards I made for the littlest Little.

More baking and cleaning need to be done, and grocery shopping. However, today #2 daughter and her fellow will arrive, so some things just won’t get done. That’s all.

I am soaking up solitude for one more hour before I head out for the annual Christmas brunch at church. Then I’ll head up to #1 daughter’s to mind the babies while she picks up her sister and her fellow, who needs a nickname, at the airport.

At that point, unbridled festivities will officially begin.