#2 son’s sweater is finished, so now I can just fret over its fit.



The neckline in particular worries me, because last year he said it was perfect, and this year’s is not the same as last year’s


Be that as it may, I have begun working on #2 daughter’s sweater, which is in bright coral.


She also asked for the same sweater in a different yarn.


I got the banners done in time for church, though I will need to press the second one.

I also got the Thanksgiving shopping done. We have turkey, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, baking supplies, and plenty of fruit and veg. I also wanted paper napkins and cupcake liners. I don’t know quite why; I usually just put out a bunch of cloth napkins and don’t worry that they don’t match.

The grocery store didn’t have what I wanted. I went to Hobby Lobby, where I bought some even though they also didn’t have what I wanted. It was very crowded, full of women in shopper’s trance, and I spent a lot of time trying to find the right path through the maze of crowded aisles.

I called #2 daughter and heard about her latest work crises while I poked around the bookstore, but I left empty handed — I got a free turkey for buying $100 in groceries, so I picked up a couple of magazines at the grocery instead of at the bookstore.

I had been listening to the shopper insights part of The Power of Habit, so my decisions as a shopper interested me. They are, as the author points out, so ingrained as habits that we don’t even notice them.

When I got to the grocery, I turned left. Most people, including me, always turn right when we enter. The grocers put the highest profit items right there — at my grocery, it’s the deli with its special meats and cheeses, and I was actually planning to get some for Thanksgiving’s hors d’ouvres, but since I turned left I didn’t.

Then comes the produce because — and I didn’t know this — people who have bought a vegetable or two feel virtuous enough that they will then buy unhealthy snacks more freely, feeling that they’re just balancing things out.

I don’t know whether I shopped more virtuously or not. When I go to Fresh Market, I do buy produce and then pastry, so I guess that observation is true of me. Today, at Harp’s, I just had trouble finding things. Approaching from the opposite side disrupted my habits and made me search for things much more than usual.

It was a rainy day, and I enjoyed spending most of it in front of the fire working on needlework projects. However, I have to say that I am unhappy with the makers of The Glades for killing off Jim on the day of the wedding. I had really gotten to like those people, and it was tacky to have him get shot and then cancel the series so that his death was the ending.