We met this morning, #2 daughter and I, with the Art Teacher to try to sort the Roles & Tasks sheets for a website we’re planning to build.The site owner is excited about is plans and keeps coming up with more things — like integrating an accounting package and a CRM into the website.

This is sort of like deciding, while building a one bedroom house, to add on a second store and a conservatory.

This is fine, but we had to sort out Phase I, Phase II, Out of Scope, and Bad Idea.

The meeting was required because this client sends us handwritten notes scanned and saved as PDFs.

We printed out the documents. One of use would hold it up, squint at it, and read out, “Must want limbs appro attorneys, tai chi, white toddler poisoning manager.”

The next person would look and say, “Must want links approved attorneys, egg cheese, white collar personal injury.”

And so forth.

Then we went and had lunch, and then headed to the grocery store to buy party food. We came home and I got back to work while the kids played games. Then my husband and I cooked dinner and we hung out for a while, just enjoying being a family.

A couple of the kids have gone on home now, and the rest of us will bake some cookies.

Today’s song, “Christmas Tonight,” is a new fave of #2 daughter. It’s from 2010, and it hit #9, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before. It’s jazzy ad light-hearted, and even a little bit witty. Enjoy.