This is a song about Christmas trees by Lady Gaga. You don’t want to know the words, and really you don’t need to know them in order to sing this lustily while decorating your Christmas tree. Sing whatever you want and shout “Whoo!” sometimes. The tune is roughly “Deck the Halls” with infusions of “Little Drummer Boy” and neither lyrics nor tune shows much evidence of work, but the song was written by Gaga, Martin Kierszenbaum (AKA Cherry Cherry Boom Boom) and Space Cowboy. I am not going to pretend that I admire this song, because I don’t, but it is a lively, danceable tune, and I am tired of “O Tannenbaum.” It is therefore the song for the day.

My husband put up our tree today, since he is home from work because of a seasonal shutdown at the factory. He chatted with the dogs as he did it. “Put a tree in the house!” he’d say to them conversationally, shaking his head.

He has always found this a very weird custom. Once I agreed to artificial trees he gave in and accepted it, though he rarely participates.

I love Christmas trees. We have ornaments from family trips, treasures made by family members, pretty things we carefully pack away each year and find with surprise when we bring them out again. Just like the tree in my family’s home when I was growing up.  DSCN4090

#1 daughter has a black tree with white trimmings. She has always wanted one, she explained to me, and she figures she might have a family in future years, so if she’s going to have a black and white tree, she shouldn’t wait any longer.

Good thinking.

I once did something slightly different with our Christmas tree (I think I put bows on it — can’t quite recall) and people complained quite a bit. Kids don’t like you to mess with their traditions.

So I enjoy pictures of trees trimmed with peacock feathers and huge blue and purple balls or gingham and straw wreaths or whatever, but I don’t mess with our Christmas tree.

I’ll be adding the decorations this evening.