DSCN3706 5:42 a.m. One last photo from the vacation. I am going up to the Next County today to teach my class. I have some papers I have to print out first and then a meeting afterwards. Blog posts to write, analytics to check. Papers to grade and reviews to write, too.

I fully intend to stop working at 5:00 and take the dogs for a walk.

I plan to take the weekend off.

I’m going to do these things no matter what.

5:42 p.m. Yeah, sure. At 5:00 I was on the phone with a client. I had a go-to-meeting for the new website, which went well. Class went well. There was a rash of client issues in amongst all that. There were phone calls.

The dogs did not get walked. All the writing did not get done. The analytics did not get checked. Papers did not get graded.

Obviously, I’m working this weekend. However, I am currently in gym pants and a T and will be eating pizza and watching a movie with #1 son in an hour.