#1 son, #1 daughter, and I went to clean up my stepfather’s room. Little #2 came with us. My stepfather’s roomie is a jovial old gentleman.

My stepfather had five TV sets still in their boxes. Lots of clothing in all different sizes. Various electronic gear. Interesting knives. Photographs. Once we got the main things sorted, we started in on the things that had to be thrown away.

We didn’t finish. We went to Shogun for lunch and will go back and finish in a few days.

I got home and wrote two blog posts and an email blast. I feel somewhat traumatized. This has been a week of multiple meetings, excessive work… oh and a death.

It’s Friday evening. I had my lunch leftovers for dinner. I got Newport to the division for sleeves. I plan to go to bed in a few minutes and read. I plan to sleep in as late as possible tomorrow.