I received a package from Clinique today.

This is what I ordered: three chubby sticks to replace the ones that are down to stubs.


Here’s what I received. The items I ordered, plus eye liner, black honey “Almost Lipstick” lip gloss, a very hydrating plum-pink lipstick, a night time mask, a surprisingly heavy scent called Aromatics in Black, and a couple of post-workout products.

The post-workout stuff is moisturizer and powder. I don’t really get it. Who wants to put on products without washing their face first? I’ll let you know how it works out.

The three lip products are all very wearable, good shades for fall. Buying one and getting three was totally fun — like presents. Eye liner? I don’t usually wear it, but I’ll try it out. I’m looking forward to using the mask. My skin-care experiment didn’t get rid of my wrinkles, but it did make my skin feel good. That’s worth quite a bit.

Clinique makes heavy use of samples in their marketing, and I appreciate their generosity. I also bought foundation at Amazon, so I think I’m set for make up for the upcoming season… or several years. The last time I bought chubby sticks was 2016.

Now, I’m still working on being frugal and paying off debts. I find myself thinking about any purchase intently. So when I was down to a quarter inch of Bountiful Beige, I checked to see if I could get a replacement at Amazon. I could — but for $2.00 more than at Clinique’s own website. So I went to the website and discovered that replacing three chubby sticks at once meant free shipping. But of course I was looking at making purchases I could delay. I certainly spent more at Clinique than the $2.00 savings. On the other hand, seven free products — several full size — could make it worthwhile. Assuming I use them and they improve my life.

As for the foundation, I went to buy a new bottle of the one I bought several years back and got a bit of sticker shock. I bought something else from Amazon at about one third the price. The color didn’t work.

Of course, I could return it. I also could have gone to a physical store and gotten help. After a couple of weeks of doing neither, I went ahead and paid the full price for the one I know I can use happily. So I ended up paying 1.3 times more than if I had just bought the good stuff in the first place.