closet-before I did some work yesterday, cleaned the kitchen and the living room, spent some time with my husband, relaxed on the porch with Bill Bryson’s Home till the mosquitoes drove me indoors, did the grocery shopping with very little Evil 6, and made beef stew with the herbes de Provence I bought at the spice shop in Old Town Ft. Collins.

My husband mostly complained. I guess he had no one to complain to all week and had stored up all his rants for me. I’m not good with complaints, I’m afraid. All I can think of to say is something like, “What are you going to do to fix the problem?” or conceivably, “Here’s what you could do to fix the problem.” I have read that some people like to complain and only want to have something supportive said, but even though I have trained myself to make sympathetic noises for such people, I can only do that once or twice before I feel like I’m going, “Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh.” That is probably okay with people who want sympathy rather than solutions, but it feels strange to me and I can’t keep it up.

I also did the Saturday tasks for my closet.

At left above you see the Before of my closet, as of 1:30 p.m. yesterday. Yes, it’s messy. It’s actually still messy, though more about that anon. closet-after

The Saturday task was fairly simple: take all the clothes out of your closet and sort them into three groups:

  • keep
  • toss
  • donate

You’re supposed to leave those piles hanging around overnight and create a beautifully tidy closet on Sunday, but I couldn’t do that. Therefore, I did the hanging things and the floor of the closet yesterday and will take care of the shelf today.

At right above you see the hanging part of my closet at 2:30 p.m. yesterday. I have, as instructed, sorted things by type of garment and then by color, so the part of my wardrobe visible includes my jackets, organized all along the spectrum from black to green. It appears that my primary fashion objective is to lurk unnoticed in brackish tide pools.

Pantone-Fall-2013 Actually, as you can see from the Pantone Fall Color Report for fall, subtle greens and grays are in style this season — but I could add a jacket in Samba or Mykonos Blue, a dress in Vivacious or Acai, maybe a bag in Koi.

I have some nice, little-worn things to donate, a bag to toss, and a few items to mend or press before they can be worn. I have some things I had forgotten I owned, like a nice pair of khakis I’m wearing right now and a whole bunch of basic shirts in various colors. I kept a few things that didn’t fit the rules in the Weekend Makeover book — because I had made them, or for sentimental reasons or because they were bought for an occasion and only worn once but are still in good condition should I ever encounter a similar occasion in the future.

Mostly, I’ll be wearing gray pants, a simple top, and a jacket somewhere between black and green. That’s when I teach or go to a meeting. When I’m at home on the computer, I’ll be wearing jeans, a tank, and a shirt until it gets cold, at which point it’ll be jeans, a shirt, and a sweater. My sweaters are the burst of bright color at the left of the picture above, so I’ll be in red at home and gray when I go out in public.

I’ll be doing it with a tidy closet, though.