I bought fabric for a 2017 SWAP — all in the right colors. The top right cubby has some older pieces. The bottom left cubby has the new SWAP fabrics, from top to bottom:

  • georgette
  • lace
  • jersey
  • hybrid woven in brown, taupe, and teal
  • wool suiting

On the side, there’s a gorgeous wool crepe that could make up into a lovely jacket or dress.

The other cubbies have some nice neutrals.

I set that project aside to work on the layette for #1 daughter’s baby. Naturally that’s still my priority, but I am encountering some clothing issues.

My wardrobe contains one pair of jeans and one pair of dress pants in my current size. All the rest are in larger sizes. My tops and jackets are in about the same situation.

It goes against the grain for me to get rid of a garment that doesn’t actually have holes in it.

But I’ve got business trips coming up. Maybe I should follow the SWAP rules and stitch up some TnT patterns in the perfectly coordinated collection of fabrics.

Here’s what I could do:

Elle pants:

  • chocolate
  • teal
  • taupe

Fringe festival top:

  • teal
  • burgundy

I’m planning to do a two-piece dress in the silk georgette, possibly with HotPatterns  Woven T. Granted, that’s not a TnT pattern, so I’ll have to do a muslin first, but HP tops are reliable. I could then make the same pattern in the lace as well.

I can do the jackets after the baby is born.