I’m making the Cloverleaf Top from KnitPicks Renew. I’m also working on Chimera. Chimera is clearly an Epic project. Since finishing Boniface and bringing Chimera out of hibernation, I have mostly been frogging and reuniting in hopes of reaching a good point to carry on from.

But is Cloverleaf really the Zombie project to complement my Epic Chimera?

It has no shaping at all — it’s just a pair of rectangles sewn together. And while it has a lacy stitch pattern, it’s just 4 rows, with the twrong side rows just being worked as they present.

It feels good, and I almost have the pattern memorized.

But it’s not long swathes of solid stockinette, which is the perfect Zombie pattern. I have a definitely Zombie project arriving Tuesday, so I guess I will wait until then to determine the true Zombie vs. Epic nature of Cloverleaf.

I am not sure whether I will wear this myself or make a birthday gift of it. It’s such a perfect color for me that I am tempted to keep it.