This is two skeins of KnitPicks’s CotLin, color way Surf, working up into the Cloverleaf Top from KnitPicks’s book Renew. I love the feel of this yarn. I used it to make the Ravinia top last spring.

I went to #1 daughters house today. The Good Ol’ Boy’s mom was visiting, and we had a pleasant conversation about the cookbook she’s putting together using her mother’s recipes.

That’s such a sweet project. She and her mother were very close, and I know it has been hard for her since her mother died.

It was wonderful to see the babies, and my husband joined us after a bit. We went outside and enjoyed the summer day in the shade of the trees.

It was very nice.

I came home for a meeting via Zoom.

Then I settled in for an afternoon of knitting while watching The Mentalist.

I got to see family members three days this week. It was good. I’ve now soaked up enough solitude to have a good work week ahead.