This is the week to buy all the materials we need to make Christmas gifts. Yesterday I signed up for the Habitica Cold Sheep Challenge. We commit not to buy yarn till December.

This morning my sister told me about Outlaw Yarn, a New Zealand yarn shop with a nice website, great packaging, and tempting yarn colors. I would very much like to break my Cold Sheep commitment.

In the meantime, I received a collection of swatches to use for my Sewing Lingerie class projects.

They’re shown above. Top row: polyester slipper satin, silk satin, polyester charmeuse. Bottom row: silk stretch charmeuse, incorrectly labeled swatch that claims to be pink duchess silk, bellini silk crepe back satin, charmeuse, silk charmeuse, silk modal jersey.

The prices range from $4.50 to $47.99 a yard. I’ve been fondling the fabrics and trying to determine whether the silks are enough better than the polyester to justify the price. I’m pretty sure that the $47.99 is not enough better than the $4.50 to make it worth a nightgown 10 times more expensive.

But the difference between the $29.98 silk and the $4.50 polyester… that might be worth it.

I’ve reached the point at which too many choices have made it impossible to choose.

And would making the cheaper nightgown justify buying the possum fur blend yarn?