Going through the Concept part of the DYW, I find that a lot of my thinking is the same as last year. I have an enjoy my collection of lovely fibers and I look forward to making them into a wonderful wardrobe. I actually need new clothes because many of my clothes are still too big for me — I’m a couple of sizes smaller than I was at the beginning of the year. So I want to transform he gorgeous raw materials into an appropriate collection of clothes for fall and winter.

Narrow pants and skirts, tops in pretty colors with detail at the neck, structured jackets for work and cardigans for warmth.

But fall 2019 also has some trends:

  • lace
  • tweed
  • dark florals
  • checks and plaids

And the palette for fall 2019 includes one of my favorite combinations: burgundy and gray.

So I think this collection will continue the concepts I’ve worked with before, but bring in these elements. And I have these things in my collection already!