Next step, since my concept for the collection is essentially the same as it has been each time, is to establish a palette of colors. I’m excited about burgundy and gray, actually; it’s one of my favorite combinations.

Yet I can’t help but notice that my palette thus far is… not exciting. I love these fabrics and I’m looking forward to working with them and wearing them.

But they’re only neutrals and basics, no statement colors at all.

I pulled out some more swatches — a burgundy sweater knit, a dark floral, a wild-for-me mustard and burgundy plaid.

That plaid is now sold out, so I am saved from trying to wear it with a straight face. But I am thinking about ordering the sweater knit and the floral print.

This tattersall check is what I want everything else to work with.

Maybe a solid color or two for blouses that would shake things up a bit. Mustard, peach, green?

The other question, of course: should I be buying more fabrics? This should be a stash buster collection to keep me frugal and yet well-dressed.

Those swatches also include a lovely lightweight boiled wool. It is also sold out, and I regret not buying it before. I might regret not making the contemplated fabric purchase if I don’t do it.


I bought the fabric. I added sage green and mustard to the mix.It’s going to be a great Collection!