The top half of the picture shows the dark taupe outer column fabrics, and the lower two are the inner column in Pantone’s Fall 2016 Warm Taupe. I’m planning to make the skirt from Simplicity 1467 and the Sunshine top. Both of these are TnT patterns for me.

The SWAP includes both outer columns — skirt or pants plus jacket — and inner columns, which are matching skirt or pants and top. Dressing monochromatically is supposed to make you look long and lean. I don’t think I’ve ever worn one color head to toe, but this system encourages it, even down to the shoes.

Accordingly, I bought a couple of Spoonflower fabrics in Warm Taupe, another of the connection colors from my hair. My skin, too, actually. Beige. I have never liked beige. However, it is bootless to reject your own personal colors, so I am embracing it.

I love the fact that Spoonflower makes fabrics in all the Pantone palette colors, and that I can order any fabric I choose in those colors. Jersey for the top, in this case, and sateen for the skirt.

Speaking of the skirt and of things I question, I question the skirt. I feel dumpy in skirts. I am probably dumpy in pants, too, but I don’t notice it. So I don’t usually wear the skirts I make, even though it would provide much more variety in my wardrobe. Does it make sense to go ahead and sew up another skirt which I may not wear?

I’m going to go ahead and do it. I’ll try to fit the skirt properly and then try to wear it conscientiously. If I don’t, then in future SWAPs this post will remind me not to include skirts.

So, yes, this inner column isn’t my favorite part of the SWAP. But I’m going to follow the rules and see whether I end up with a perfect capsule wardrobe that makes me look chic and formidable. Or something along those lines.