spring-swap2 gray-marsala spring-swap-2015 marsala-gray

Do these colors remind you at all of the colors I gathered for my living room redo?

copper-weathering-chart-425x425 Copper

Copper and sage for the living room, wine and gray for my wardrobe this year. I will look right at home in my living room.

Said living room has undergone some changes. Yesterday I finally went and bought a little more of the Scotland Road paint to fix the white spots left by changing the window treatment and then the sliding door.

However, the new sliding door opens on the opposite side from the old one, so I had to move the furniture around.

IMG_0428 IMG_0429

I moved the basket chair over near the sliding door so there’s enough floor space to reach it, and put the love seat which was by the door over by the window. Quite a bit of moving around has been done, and there are now two conversation areas. People sitting in this little conversation area will have the couch’s back to them. There is a loveseat, a rocker, and a recliner here, so several people can cozy up here. Then the couch and basket chair people can talk to each other. So it’s a living room set up for small groups of people. Chess players and TV watchers, perhaps.

This may require some rethinking. However, I also got in some cleaning time yesterday, not to mention grocery and laundry time and knitting. Knitting pictures anon. At the moment, I’ll share a thought on clean living: