I discovered a LOT of Prism yarn in my stash. Enough in color way Peony to make an entire sweater, as well as the sweater’s worth of blue (but in two different shades) I already knew about. Plus two skeins of 290 yards each. And the rest of the pink that made Ketch.

Of course, my mind went straight to color work


The Trefoil Cardigan from November Knits is a classic. The yoke is dull, though.

I have lots of stunning colorwork patterns, though. Like this one from Poetry in Stitches:

Or mosaic knitting. Like the scarf, also from Prism, which will doubtless leave over extra yarn in white and peach.

There’s also this pretty jacket from Scottish Knitting:

Two colors for the roses, fairly evenly divided, plus another color for the lace edging. A bit Bohemian compared to my usual style these days. But it could be awesome. Blue and violet roses with raspberry frost lace, perhaps?

Since I have a really large number of WIPs, I probably have a year to make up my mind.

Also, I need to make this color work design for the babies.

And this one, for which I actually bought a kit. I need to make it before the babies are too old to wear it.