For the first week of Advent during the pandemic, I seem to have chosen irritating music. It’s clear why this seems appropriate for 2020, but it’s not really the right choice. Instead, we should have comforting music.

Like my favorite Advent hymn, by Johann G. Olearious:”Comfort, Comfort Ye My People.”


Johann G. Olearious was a German professor who wrote various sacred works, including an enormous hymnal including many of his own hymns, like this one. I have seen 1671 as he publication date.

I always want to accompany this with steel drums. I have never heard it that way except in my mind, but I know it would be awesome.

Comfort, comfort ye my people

Comfort, comfort ye my people,
speak ye peace, thus saith our God;
comfort those who sit in darkness,
mourning ‘neath their sorrow’s load.
Speak ye to Jerusalem
of the peace that waits for them;
tell her that her sins I cover,
and her warfare now is over.

Yea, her sins our God will pardon,
blotting out each dark misdeed;
all that well deserved his anger
he no more will see or heed.
She hath suffered many a day,
now her griefs have passed away;
God will change her pining sadness
into ever-springing gladness.

For the herald’s voice is crying
in the desert far and near,
bidding all men to repentance,
since the kingdom now is here.
O that warning cry obey!
Now prepare for God a way;
let the valleys rise to meet him,
and the hills bow down to greet him.

Make ye straight what long was crooked,
make the rougher places plain;
let your hearts be true and humble,
as befits his holy reign.
For the glory of the Lord
now o’er earth is shed abroad;
and all flesh shall see the token
that his word is never broken.

The amazing Catherine Winkworth translated this. It gives us hope, which we need now.

#2 daughter and her partner are under lock down for the next three weeks, so they will not be here for Christmas, but maybe for New Year.

It has been a day for knitting. I need quite a few more of those if this sweater is to be completed for Christmas.