On long days and tired nights, it’s tempting to go for canned tomato soup and crackers with cheese, not for bok choy and seared chicken. A few more long days, and you’re stuck with soft sweet things. It’s too hard to choose sharp or complex flavors. I think that’s one reason people don’t eat vegetables and do eat doughnuts.

Today, for the first time in a long time, I took a quiet day to myself. I worked on Geo-Snow and took a middle course between comfort food and mindful meals. I had my no-decision breakfast and lunch, and a Blue Apron burger dinner.

No exercise today — yesterday, yes, but today I slept as late as I could and spent nearly the entire day on the sofa with my knitting and British TV.

I need days like this. I also know that eating, sleeping, and moving right will make those other days better. It’s just hard to fit things in.

Last night I once again had, for the second time, a horrible foot problem. It interfered with my sleep. #1 daughter says she has had the same problem and that it feels like something is trying to get out of the foot. It’s not painful, but I find it completely intolerable.

I should have done some housekeeping, but I just did the minimum: tossing out the dead flowers from the bouquet, putting away the Blue Apron box, doing the dishes. I’ll change the sheets if nothing more.

I’ll get to bed on time, well hydrated, and start tomorrow refreshed.