I’ve been on the Whole 30 for 10 days and being very diligent. But we had communion in church this morning, and of course I took it. Then I went to the potluck — I have this relationships resolution, you know — and chose meat and veg… and then discovered that nearly everything I had chosen included sugar, including the meat. Barbecue. My plate probably contained 300 calories at most.

In any case, I went ahead and ate the food and then had a one inch piece of cake because I had fallen off the Whole 30 wagon and would have to start over anyway.

I came home and haven’t had any further slips.

But we will be having communion again next week. It’s unusual, but today was for January and next week will be for February. Does it make sense to stop, start over, and stop again next week? Does it make sense to stop for a week and then start over?

The Whole 30 is intended to be an elimination diet, an opportunity to allow all traces of the Evil 6 (more or less) to leave the body so we can determine whether we respond badly to them or not. The theory is that we might have a negative reaction to grains or legumes or what have you and not realize it until, after 30 days, you find that your headaches are gone or you’re sleeping better or whatever.

I’m not sure I’m concerned about that. I’ve gone without all of the Evil 6 for more than a month in the past, and not had any issues. I’m doing the Whole 30 to drop the habits of snacking and self-indulgence that I picked up over the holidays.

I guess I’ll have this record of what happened, I’ll continue as though it didn’t happen, I’ll take communion next week too, and decide at the end of the initial 30 days what to do.