ListPr4 We sang Agnus Dei from the Rutter Requiem this morning, and once the service was over, we had a meeting, lunch, and another meeting, totalling seven hours. This was followed by several hours of grading papers and reviewing books.

In amongst that, I took some preliminary steps toward getting ready for my Comp II class. I looked at the textbook and found that it was full of lit. Indeed, it appeared to be mostly literary criticism. I asked the girl behind me in choir, who teaches Comp II herself, what a bunch of froshes were supposed to do with literary criticism. She, apparently being a bit bored by the sermon, which was about the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, outlined the course for me on her bulletin, which was hugely helpful.

I also read a bunch of the archived syllabi for Comp II from the Arts Division. It was eye opening.

Here are some of the striking bits:

  • fun fonts, italics, and other random stuff
  • requirements, in the same syllabi, for New Times Roman 12 pt font on all papers
  • lists of no-nos for papers, including “Don’t be too controversial” and whole lists of specific words forbidden for use in papers
  • snarky harangues on absenteeism, plagiarism, professionalism (yep), and an impressive range of other -isms
  • rules against the use of electronic devices
  • threats — students will be asked to leave the room and counted absent if they pull out a cell phone and the like

I’m going to think about this further.