The concert went well and I enjoyed it. I’m also glad it’s over. We had three hour rehearsals both Saturday and Sunday, and that was too much standing for me.

Concert black was an issue. I don’t wear black except for concerts, and it has been a couple of years since I sang at that kind of concert. I’ve lost a lot of weight and had no black clothes I could expect to wear comfortably. Fortunately, La Bella had a couple of garments she no longer wears. She’s a Talbot’s shopper, so both pieces were stylish and well made. They also fit me precisely. They were 8 petite, and probably intended to be worn a bit longer than they are on me, but I felt very chic.

And no shopping was involved.

La Bella is a naturally kind and generous woman. She grew up in a family of eight children, with a seamstress mother and a father who worked hard all his life. She may lead a life of sheltered luxury now, but she knows the value of money and gives generously to a number of causes. I feel fine accepting her sincere offer of concert blacks.

So I was able to feel comfortable in my kin. I was also able to sing. My voice did not cut out, though I didn’t attempt to sing those high Es. Recently, my voice will cut out during rehearsals or even performances. I hate it. I don’t know if a doctor would be able to help or not.

Today I had no meetings at all, praise the Lord. I worked diligently and #1 daughter and the Baby came over with gyros sandwiches. I baked some Lemon Oatmeal cookies, and will now settle in with my knitting. The rest of the week is completely mad, so I have to seize the day. Or the last 40 minutes before time to go to bed and read, if that’s all there is.