closet-after I’ve decided to attend a conference in Florida next month. As this shot of my closet shows, I have plenty of gear as long as I am planning a swamp camouflage look. This is the kind of business trip that involves flying in, dinner, a day and a half of meals and meetings, and flying back out, so I know I must have knits. Three days’ worth in a carry on bag.

Ideally, that’s a stylish knit cardigan jacket that will look fresh for days one and three, flying as well as meetings, plus a ponte business jacket, a couple of pairs of coordinating pants that won’t wrinkle, a skirt, and packable shells, one of which should be an evening fabric.

I own a business jacket as described, in black, a nice draped knit skirt in black, and gray trousers in a weird polyester fabric that I bet will travel beautifully. I have a knit cardigan-style jacket in dark teal with a matching tank. Lots of bright knit shells and tanks, too, including a lace number in deep red. As the closet photo shows, on the rare occasions that I consider something that is neither gray nor dull green, I go for dark red. Good with black, not so good with swampy greens. I could certainly do this without buying new clothes. I am speaking, teaching classes, and attending meetings in my tidepool-colored wardrobe between now and then, and expect to do so in complete comfort. trip1

Yet somehow I don’t want to go to a conference in Tampa in olive drab and black. I’ve never met the people who have invited me and I want to look interesting.

However, I have been thinking in a desultory fashion about new clothes. True, I was mostly thinking about a spring SWAP, sewn recreationally over the next few months. Now, however, I am seriously contemplating buying this blue jacket. It still has a bit of the tidepool to it, but it might be a more interesting tidepool. Some anemones in it, maybe.

It does have that elderly lady on a plane trip look, though, doesn’t it? And I don’t actually wear blue very often, so it might require other new pieces.

tide-pool A more practical approach might be to accept that I dress like a tidepool and embrace that. I could then put more effort into accessories and grooming in order to appear interesting.

#1 daughter gave me a beautiful big purse for Christmas. It’s deep teal with decorative zippers and gold hardware. #2 daughter gave me a loop scarf in dark peacock silk.

I have a month to learn to put on make up effectively and think of a dramatic hair style.

That might be a more sensible approach.