pink-top Here’s the progress on my pink stuff. The polyester blouse looks like a 1930s rayon child’s frock, and I mean that in a good way. I’m finishing up the edges and correcting the wonky bits.

#1 daughter’s scarf is now one skein long.

Not that I worked on either of these thngs yesterday — these are pictures from the weekend. Yesterday, apart from teaching a class and attending rehearsal, I wrote things in between putting out fires.

“Putting out fires” may be the wrong term. It wasn’t always fires. One client needed proof on their website that they were committed to a vendor, so the vendor would list them. Another pitched a little unprovoked hissy fit. Several wanted advice. pink

With one thing and another, it was 11:00 when I finished the last blog post. Or — not really the last one, just the last one I got finished. It took nearly an hour to write it, so I figured there was no point in starting another.

I’ll do that last one first thing this morning. And those two articles. And the grading. And the website changes I didn’t finish yesterday…