I’m doing minimal work from now till New Year’s. But it’s different this year from usual. None of my kids are staying with me, and only a few people at a time are coming to celebrations. I’m expecting a low-key Christmas.

I baked three kinds of cookies today: Florentines, Grinch Cookies, and Congolais. I wrapped most of the remaining presents, including the ones #2 daughter had sent here. I made 5 bars of soap, some as gifts. Thanks to Blue Apron, I had a nice dinner of roast pork and roasted vegetables — potato, fennel, and carrot.

Otherwise, I knitted. I have one more gift to finish by Christmas Eve, and quite a few inches left to go, so this is my main plan for the weekend.

A peaceful plan.

The song of the day is “The Trumpet Child.”

The trumpet child will blow his horn
Will blast the sky till it’s reborn
With Gabriel’s power and Satchmo’s grace
He will surprise the human race

The trumpet he will use to blow
Is being fashioned out of fire
The mouthpiece is a glowing coal
The bell a burst of wild desire

The trumpet child will riff on love
Thelonious notes from up above
He’ll improvise a kingdom come
Accompanied by a different drum

The trumpet child will banquet here
Until the lost are truly found
A thousand days, a thousand years
Nobody knows for sure how long

The rich forget about their gold
The meek and mild are strangely bold
A lion lies beside a lamb
And licks a murderer’s outstretched hand

The trumpet child will lift a glass
His bride now leaning in at last
His final aim to fill with joy
The earth that man all but destroyed

Is this a Christmas song? We should remember that Christmas is about the infant Jesus and His mother mild, but also about Gabriel and about the conquering Jesus, God the Father, and God the Spirit as well.

Even when our preparation is about knitting, baking, and wrapping, it can also be about contemplation of the Trinity.