#1 son is getting a sweater vest. #2 son has gotten five and will be getting a sixth this Christmas.

It’s a Cowichan design — perhaps the only North American knitting tradition. It’s a combination of llama (brown) and sheep (gray) wool, both local and handspun.

This morning I was elected back onto the Session for the church. I’ll begin next year, though I have a couple of training sessions coming up. I forgot to pick up the latest Book of Order and Confessions.

I’m trying to think of this as an opportunity to develop closer friendships with people who have been acquaintances of mine for decades. Also to do more for the community than I have recently.

I slept well and got up and followed my proper morning routine. I had a good talk with #1 daughter, then Sunday school, church with our excellent new choir director, a grocery run for fruit and veg, lunch, and then a solid afternoon of knitting.

A good day.