The first two Craftsy classes I completed this summer were academic — information to use in future. I’m actually already using some of that information and feeling more knowledgeable as I plan my sewing and knitting projects.

The third class, “Sew Better Bags: The Weekend Duffel,” is a specific class on how to make a specific project. I’ve watched it all, but have been making the Little Boy’s quilt, so I didn’t actually make the bag. I have been gathering up all the many specialized materials as I bought things for the quilt. I bought much of the hardware at Joanne’s yesterday when I picked up a few more fat quarters for the quilt. I bought the fusible fleece when I ordered the quilt backing.

I had to buy the quilt materials, of course, but I have no business buying other craft supplies. I have LOTS of WIPs and upcoming projects, LOTS of materials, and no extra time.

But I have the fabric for this bag, and it would be super fun to get it made before I go on vacation at the end of the month.


The class instructor, Betz White, made hers right on camera in under 10 hours. It could happen.

I will say that I think it would have been impossible for me to make that bag myself from the pattern without watching the class. I feel as though it will be possible for me to do a reasonably good job if I sew along with the instructor, using the 30 second repeat and pausing when I have to undo things.

It’s a good, clear, straightforward class.

I also have to admit that the lengthy supplies list means that you could probably buy a perfectly nice duffel bag for less than it costs to make one. However, if I get all the materials in time, I may try to make this in the evenings. If it isn’t ready in time for our road trip, it could be ready for our October retreat.