Class #5 in my Craftsy Summer School is “Perfect Pizza at Home” with Peter Reinhart. I was very surprised by a lot of things I learned, and nervous about cooking my pizzas at the oven’s hottest possible temperature, but it actually worked well. I made whole-grain pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, zucchini slices, and homemade pesto. Very tasty.

#1 son and his bride came over for homemade pizza and a Republican National Convention watch party. I’d never watched a political convention before, but it wasn’t very inspiring. Melania Trump cribbed Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, Chris Christie did a bizarre call and response routine holding Hillary Clinton personally responsible for rape and murder across the globe, as well a the kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria. He got the audience to shout “Guilty!” in response to his “Guilty or not guilty?” repeatedly and whipped them into a frenzy of Hillary hatred.

The Wall Street Journal, a right wing paper, suggested that it was time to quit saying why not to vote for Hillary and start coming up with some reason to vote for Trump.

DIL said her mother found it moving and inspiring, but we gave up on it after a couple of hours.

It was a pleasant evening. The pesto has been luscious on salmon and chicken since then, and I think I’ll be able to enjoy it all. Then I’ll get some more parmesan and walnuts and make some more.