Craftsy Class #7: Sewing Bras


Beverly Johnson, the instructor of this class, is funny and sassy and also very expert. The class takes the mystery and complication out of sewing bras. I have a couple of books on the subject and have actually sewn a bra, but I learned a lot in this class and am ready to make some more.

Why would you make your own bra? Some of the ladies in the class are asymmetrical or hard to fit. Me, I think that making your own bra is a big savings, assuming you need a bit of engineering in your underpinnings. Nice bras are expensive. Like nightgowns, bras can be made with luxurious, beautiful fabrics and be a pleasure to wear even if they aren’t perfect.

They’re also quick and fun to sew. An unusual project with some technical challenges, but which you can finish in an afternoon — what’s not to like?

This class clarifies the fitting and construction, and gives very good advice on fabric choice and measuring, too.