Why make your own panties? Well, this class goes with Beverly Johnson’s bra-making class, which I really enjoyed, and it was offered to me for half price, so what the heck? Also, I can make a set — Johnson suggests three pairs of panties to match each bra.

If you have special fitting needs, this class will help. Johnson, a Canadian, discusses solutions for uneven hips, hanging bum, mother’s apron, protruding bum, and various other fitting issues for panties. I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about panty fitting issues before, but Johnson makes it pretty fascinating.

Besides that, it’s fun and easy to make panties and it doesn’t take long. You can use really high-end fabrics and make yourself La Perla style undies, or you can use old T-shirts and make Fruit of the Loom style, but either way it’s an inexpensive little luxury. Actually, I was shocked to find that La Perla’s $554 briefs are polyester/spandex. Fruit of the Loom’s five for $5.00 briefs are at least natural fiber. I could make my own in silk jersey for the $5.00 a pair I normally pay for cotton.

I enjoy making lingerie in general. It can be as lavish and frilly as I like, with no consideration for whether it’s age appropriate or professional looking as blouses must be. Mistakes don’t matter, either. And I enjoy fussy hand work. If I can still wear my Fall SWAP next spring, I will make a lingerie SWAP.


I received this pretty out-of-print pattern today. It’ll be included in the plan if I actually do it. If not, I can certainly make a few pairs of undies for myself somewhere along the way.

The class was quite good, and I’m confident about using the skills.