I’ve got a little summer school going on. I’m taking Myra Wood’s Top Down Seamless Crazy Lace cardign class. I would never wear the garment shown here. I think it’s hideous. Nor do I intend to make anything that could be described as “crazy” lace.

But I have been thinking that the Colorado souvenir yarn would look very good in an all-over lace cardi. I think a raglan would be better suited to a drapey lace than a set-in sleeve.

I haven’t been able to find the perfect pattern, so I think maybe I’ll go with math.

The class is all about the math. And the lace. Craziness doesn’t seem to be a requirement.

I’m just a few lessons in, but I already like the suggestion to swatch with a raglan seam, so to speak. It totally makes sense. I will do it.

I’m also enjoying the class. The teacher is competent, a little bit goofy, friendly and fun. Enthusiastic, too. I hope to learn lots of things.

We haven’t come to the lace yet, actually. I’m thinking about using this pattern, Ginger Lace Cardigan, from Vintage Modern Knits. I’ll swatch for it. However, it is knitted in pieces. That doesn’t make sense for a raglan, in my opinion. Raglans should properly be knitted in one piece from the top down, using increases and decreases to shape the shoulders.

Perhaps I can combine the pattern with the knowledge from the class to create a perfect sweater.

I still have a week or two before I’ll have Ketch 2 finished, but I can swatch the Venus Blue.