Crested Butte was a mining town once, and a beet farming community, and now it’s mostly cute.

The whole town is on the Historical Register, and it is supported by tourism. I like being a tourist, I like touristy towns, I like cute, and the turn of the 20th century is a favorite time period of mine, so of course I liked it a whole lot.


We enjoyed lunch here and a trip to Third Bowl ice cream shop, where they had wonderful honey lavender ice cream. We were mostly there for #2 son’s tournament, so we did a bit of strolling around in search of lunch and then further strolling around in search of ice cream. By good fortune, we also encountered a yarn shop, but otherwise we were strictly ambling gawkers.


In an odd visual trick, the mountains seem to be rather small when you’re in Crested Butte, which appears to be a quaint little town nestled in a bowl of mountains.

In fact, if you look more closely, you can see that the mountains are, as mountains should be, absolutely enormous.

The photo below is not about mountains. It is the climbing structure at Rainbow Park.


There is a Nepali community, and my husband chatted with a couple of members of that community a bit. They had never heard of his country and he had never heard of theirs, so don’t believe all you hear about Americans being the worst at geography. I wondered whether they felt at home because of the mountains and had moved in for that reason, but this point didn’t come up in the conversation.