I can’t believe it’s Thursday night. It’s been a mostly-turquoise week and I don’t have all the blogs written for tomorrow. That would be tomorrow morning at 8:00 that we’re talking about here. That’s when they should all post, and there are several still needing to be written.

So I’ll be up early early tomorrow morning, and skipping Wii Fit again. No wonder I’m cross.

I took a little time this evening to clean the living room and finish watching Chuck. I enjoyed it. I like the way they finished it all up, too. No loose ends left in case there ends up being a next season.

This is not like my life. The collection of loose ends is becoming overwhelming. Projects that are not quite late yet, non-work stuff that is way past due, all that.

I’m working through the current Google Analytics class and the current Learnables class, keeping up fairly well with my reviews, and hanging on to normal life by the skin of my teeth. Today has been a good day, in spite of running out of time before I got to the end of the day.

Sleep now.