It’s still Master Bath week, and I’m getting the cupboards and drawers in order. That’s a sensible first step. The room needs scrubbing, for sure, and I must deal with some surfaces, but the stored items are sorted into containers. The containers are lined up neatly in cabinets.

That’s an accomplishment.

I woke at 4:23 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I have an organizer that starts today, and it has a big section on goals.

The pandemic has made me feel that my life is on pause. I can manage things like the Holiday Grand Plan. I’ve even been excited about getting my house decluttered and organized. But bigger goals that that? My mind is blank.

What will my business be like after the pandemic? Who knows? Not me.

Can I make goals for my health beyond struggling to get the basics back on track?

I can’t even plan for the holidays. The CDC has nixed trick or treating and is asking us all to stay home for Thanksgiving. I continue to to hope for Christmas.

But goals? Maybe not right now.