The song for today is “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence,” a stunningly beautiful tune which is a favorite among plenty of non-Christians, if YouTube is any indication.

We’re singing a really dramatic version by Katherine K. Davis. In choir practice, as we sing about the cherubim and seraphim, I keep thinking that it would make a terrific horror film soundtrack. I couldn’t find you a file to listen to, I’m afraid, so you have to think of the pretty tune in the video above, with galloping overlapping lines and insistent beat at full volume. See how scary it could be?

Davis is the composer of “The Little Drummer Boy” so I guess we should not be amazed that she’s able to creep us out with Christmas. Click that link for the Prairie Home Companion’s take on that malignant force.

The tune is a French carol and the words are from the Greek.

It is nearing Advent now, not the festival season of Christmas, so we ought to be a bit serious. We have eaten all the pie at our house, and are having oatmeal for breakfast and thinking deep thoughts.

The HGP would have us put up our Christmas decorations this week, and I am doing so gradually. I sort of like to do it all with the kids on Thanksgiving weekend so that I can spend Advent in serious contemplation, but in order to do that you must either have everything done before Advent begins or wait till Christmas Eve — the old way, but it makes you look like a curmudgeon if you do it nowadays.

I skipped Cyber Monday, but you can read about it here if you like.