The Damsel shawl is no worse than it was, but I think my plan to finish it up quickly is unrealistic. I have a May deadline for a gift, and I must finish up the Argyle. I also need a zombie project.

So last night I swatched for my zombie project.

I’m using Jimmy Beans Smartstix — knitting needles marked in inches so it’s easy to measure your gauge.

See how one inch of the needle is red and then the next inch is silver? Given that the working edge may not give an accurate gauge — normally you measure in the middle of the work — it still lets you get a quick estimate as you knit.

I’m getting roughly five stitches to the inch on #2 needles.

I need 4.5 to match the gauge for either the Ravinia or June Tank pattern. I need to try a #3 needle. However, since I just have the one Smartstix, I can’t actually continue swatching without going back to my ordinary needles.

Size 3 gives me a slightly larger gauge, of course.

My tape measure confirms that I’m getting closer. After choir tonight I hope to decide between the 3 and a 4.

The Smartstix may require more commitment than just trying one. It’s pretty cool, though.