This weekend I’m finishing up a dress for the Baby and starting the Christmas sweater vest from Erika Knight’s Men’s Knits. That’s been my go-to pattern book for menswear for years.

But I just received a new men’s collection from KnitPicks: Dapper. It contains multiple patterns for fingerless mitts, giant scarves, and handknitted ties. Will these be the stylish accessories for men this fall?

I don’t know. I looked up the forthcoming styles for women, but I tend to go with the classic for men.

Dapper has classic sweaters with interesting textures.

Manly colorwork, mixing multiple traditions but still understated.

Lots of tweed, and interesting details. The collar in the sweater above is intriguing, and check out the use of ribbing in the cardigan below.

Gentlemanly stuff. I haven’t knitted anything from the book yet, but I definitely like the designs.