Apparently a feeling of being hungover is normal for Whole30 participants on Days 2 and 3 and then on Days 4 and 5 it’s normal to be bad-tempered. I don’t feel bad tempered.

Hungry, yes. Bored with eating fish and salad, chicken and salad, beef and salad, eggs and salad — yes.

But there are many pleasures in life besides food.

And in fact there are pleasures in life involving salad. And fruit. And lean protein. And hot vegetables, because I can eat all those things.

In any case, we had a good staff meeting today with limited bickering. I took the opportunity to tell #1 son how much I enjoy having his family over and to invite #1 daughter and her fellow to come over more, too. #1 son said he and his wife had been talking about having a regular day to bring the children over for a meal, and I proposed Sunday lunch (honoring my French heritage) or Friday Pizza Night (honoring our low-key family tradition).

Because part of the pleasure of food should be eating with other people.

My husband made lunch and, having worked our way through the new Marketing Plan, we enjoyed lunch together (no rice for me) and discussed the presidential candidates.

Here’s who’s left, according to Ballotpedia:

  • Republicans ▸ Jeb Bush. Ben Carson. Chris Christie. Ted Cruz. Carly Fiorina. Jim Gilmore. Mike Huckabee. John Kasich. Rand Paul. Marco Rubio. Rick Santorum. Donald Trump.
  • Democrats ▸ Hillary Clinton. Martin O’Malley. Bernie Sanders.
  • Third Party ▸ Gary Johnson. Jill Stein.

I did the quiz at I Side With and the results at the top of the page are what they offered me.

I’m hoping the primaries will end with Clinton and Rubio. #1 son would like to see Sanders and Trump, but he’s kind of a spiteful guy. Even though he gets to eat grains.