My husband has been unemployed for a week. He has spent nearly all of that time on the sofa, watching Kung Fu movies. Other things he has done: asked me what I’m going to cook for dinner at times like 4:20 p.m., filed for unemployment, talked about taking all the money (less $30,000 for the government) from his 401k and frittering it away, worried aloud about money, talked about going to live with his brother in Fresno and help with the farm, and talked to the animals. He is also sleeping on the sofa so that he can watch Kung Fu movies into the wee hours, and this is interfering with my Wii Fit routine.

You have to have some time to recover from a lay off, and we’re fine for money as long as we live frugally, so I’m not worrying.

However, when I called to remind my stepfather that I would be taking him to the Memory Clinic, he told me he was under hospice care and wouldn’t be going. I called the hospital whose number he gave to me under extreme pressure and they had no record of his being under hospice care, so this seems to be the elderly version of, “I can’t go to school because I have a stomachache.” I don’t know what to do with him.

Add in our elderly and incontinent dog, and I have a trio of males who are not doing that well in the cost/benefit analysis.

I am going to take a walk and see whether fresh air will improve my equilibrium.